It Happens Here


This public service announcement shows that most Americans think that child exploitation happens in other countries, but it happens here in large numbers.

Unadoptable Orphans

Make Way Partners

What makes an orphan unadoptable? Learn more about the most vulnerable orphans in our world today and how you can save a life today.

RedLight Rebellion

FREE International

RedLight Rebellion exists to educate and empower students to fight the injustice of child sex slavery.

IJM Newsroom

International Justice Mission

IJM’s news platform that provides breaking news updates, as well as blog content from our Global Public Relations team.

The Freedom Commons

International Justice Mission

Online platform that helps Justice Advocates organize to help pass anti-trafficking legislation, and support U.S. leaders in the fight to end slavery.

Family Changes the Situation

Love 146

Watch this video message from Rob Morris, Love146 President & Co-founder

Human Trafficking Conversation Series: Human Trafficking 101

The McCain Institute

A video of the discussion between Cindy McCain and Ernie Allen about the critical humanitarian area of human trafficking.

Do You Know Lacy?

Shared Hope International

A 13-year-old girl was tricked on the night of her birthday and trafficked for three years before finding escape.

Chosen Gang Edition

Shared Hope International

Lured by promises of love and protection, Maria was recruited by a gang at 12 years old and trapped in a world she never expected.

The Chosen Series

Shared Hope International

The Chosen series depicts how the lives of three girls were touched by trafficking.

Learn More


Learning about the size and scale of the issue, scenarios faced by children, “push” & “pull” factors, and definition of terms.

Make Way Partners Blog

Make Way Partners

Stories and reflections on freeing the captive bound inside ourselves as we reach out to the oppressed, trafficked, enslaved, and persecuted.

Your Life Matters

Make Way Partners

Find your unique piece in the puzzle of combatting human trafficking. Join the battle today!

Common Myths


Getting ride of myths that surround the issue and dispel unhelpful paradigms regarding child trafficking and exploitation.

Language Guide


Helpful tips on how to communicate in a way that assists survivors of child trafficking and the abolition movement.

Learning the Signs


How to identify "red flags" and knowing where to go for help.

The Research


Love146 has been a part of creating academic research around specific populations affected by trafficking and exploitation.

Abolitionist Curriculum


This curriculum is designed to educate everyday people about the issue and how to play an active role in being a modern day abolitionist.

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in the US

Shared Hope International

This infographic is an introduction to the issue of domestic minor sex trafficking: the problem at a glance, the victims, the traffickers, and the buyers.

Renting Lacy: A Story of America’s Prostituted Children

By Linda Smith with Cindy Coloma

Meet Lacy and Star as they reveal the underbelly of our country’s commercial sex trade. Let their stories compel you to action.

From Congress to the Brothel

By Linda Smith

Walk with Linda as she relives her life-altering experience of seeing children in cage-like conditions – offered for sex.

The National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: America’s Prostituted Children

Shared Hope International

100,000 American children are exploited through prostitution each year – the average age of entrance only 13 years old.


Shared Hope International

This report uses undercover investigation to reveal the sophisticated business model behind sex trafficking and tourism in Jamaica, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States.

What I Have Been Through Is Not Who I Am


This training video gives an overview of the issue of child sexual exploitation in the United States.

Demanding Justice Project

Shared Hope International

An introductory video to the Demanding Justice Project (DJP), a research and advocacy initiative designed to promote demand deterrence.

Demanding Justice Project – Buyer Stats

Shared Hope International

View domestic minor sex trafficking buyer stats across the country with the ability to toggle between map and table view.

Protected Innocence Challenge

Shared Hope International

Each state was graded on their laws that address domestic minor sex trafficking through bringing justice for victims. View how your state performed.

Legislative Action Center

Shared Hope International

Alert your state and federal elected officials to the issue of trafficking and what legislation they can support to prevent, restore, and bring justice.

Take Action – The Defenders

Shared Hope International

The Defenders are men who are committed to do everything in their power to stop the exploitation of women and children.

Shared Hope International Blog

Shared Hope International

Read our blog for more on the fight against sex trafficking.

Demanding Justice Project Blog

Shared Hope International

Read the Demanding Justice Project blog for more on the fight against demand for domestic minor sex trafficking.

Say Something Assembly

F.R.E.E. International, Inc.

Say Something Assembly brings awareness of critical issues like human trafficking to students.

Stand for Freedom

International Justice Mission

Website for college students interested in raising awareness and money through this 24-hour campaign.


Tiny Hands International

Over 10,000 girls a year are trafficked across the border from Nepal into India and sold as sex slaves.

IJM Institute for Biblical Justice

International Justice Mission

IJM provides resources to help spread the word about the work of justice among religious leaders.

Meena’s Story

Tiny Hands International

A raw interview with a girl who was trafficked and brutalized as she became a enslaved captive and sexual slave for over 19 months.

Daughters of Nepal

Tiny Hands International

This video looks at why sex-trafficking is happening across the Nepal/India border, the women it is oppressing and what is being done to stop it.

In Plain Sight

Hope for Justice

Executive produced and narrated by Natalie Grant, this documentary features six modern-day abolitionists as they fight sex trafficking across America.

What We Do

Hope for Justice

An international organization with a shared passion to restore victims and end slavery in our lifetime.

Precious Daughters

Tiny Hands International

A guide for seeking the broken-heart anointing of God's love for the victims of trafficking.

Awareness to Freedom: Challenging Slavery

FAAST International

This document will equip you with information on how to host and lead an anti-trafficking prayer event.

The Just Church: Becoming a Risk-Taking, Justice-Seeking, Disciple-Making Congregation

International Justice Mission

A practical guide on how to do justice and grow in discipleship in the world’s darkest and most dangerous places.

Sex Trafficking, Law Enforcement and Perpetrator Accountability

Holly Burkhalter

Children must not be in the sex industry, and those who prey on them should be prosecuted and punished.

Deepening the Soul for Justice (Urbana Onward)

Bethany H. Hoang

The challenges of global injustice can be overwhelming. The pain is real; the violence dark.

10 Minute Moments Seeking Justice

Brian Cress

If you’re like many teenagers today, you’re tired of living in a world filled with injustice—but what can you do about it?

Human Trafficking Prevention: Bible Study—Week 1

FAAST International

This study will give you tools to stop trafficking before it starts in your own home/community.

The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence

Gary A. Haugen

The plague of everyday violence is a hidden crisis that silently undermines the fight against global poverty

Human Trafficking Prevention: Bible Study—Week 2

FAAST International

This study will give you tools to stop trafficking before it starts in your own home/community.

Human Trafficking Prevention: Bible Study—Week 3

FAAST International

This study will give you tools to stop trafficking before it starts in your own home/community.

Human Trafficking Prevention: Bible Study—Week 4

FAAST International

This study will give you tools to stop trafficking before it starts in your own home/community.

Human Trafficking Prevention: Bible Study—Week 5

FAAST International

This study will give you tools to stop trafficking before it starts in your own home/community.

Human Trafficking

Make Way Partners Corporation

In Our World Today… 30 million victims of human trafficking – there are more slaves today than at any other time in human history.

Your Life Matters

Make Way Partners Corporation

This video reminds us all that they do matter, challenging everyone to find their piece of the puzzle in the fight against human trafficking.

How To Identify a Victim of Human Trafficking

Hope For Justice

Developing a Protocol for Reporting Victims of HumanTrafficking

Magdalene’s Story

Hope For Justice

Magdalene and her family were rescued from exploitation in the UK.

The Global Slavery Index

Walk Free Foundation

This is the second edition of the Global Slavery Index, the flagship report of the Walk Free Foundation.

The Empower Youth Program


Empowering youth and equipping educators to recognize and respond to issues of exploitation.

Featured on Nicaraguan News


A story about serving orphaned and at-risk children. To view English captions, please select "cc" on the bottom right of the video screen.

Serving Over 23,000 Children


Through 6 orphanages and 118 local church initiatives in Nicaragua, ORPHANetwork provides holistic care for children and empowers church pastors to reach their communities.

Be Brave Mission 14 and 6 Summits Challenge Video

Learn more about how the 6 Summits Challenge will reach a global audience to create worldwide awareness for the second largest criminal enterprise in the…

Saving Girls From India’s Sex Trade

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Hear how local communities in India are taking action to protect their young people from sex traffickers.

Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

FAAST International

Most of us think slavery is a thing of the past. Learn how you can be a modern-day abolitionist.