Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mission 14 a registered 501(c)(3)?

Yes. Mission 14® has been a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization since 2011. Our mission is to generate awareness and resources to empower our partner organizations, inspiring our Army of Difference Makers to put an end to the worst form of human trafficking—the trafficking of children. Because of our innovative model, all individual donations go directly to our foundational partner non-profit organizations.

Who are the charitable partners of Mission 14?

Currently, Mission 14 financially supports foundational partners Araminta Freedom Initiative and ORPHANetwork. We are in the process of bringing on more direct services non-profit partners which are actively engaged in rescuing victims, helping them to rebuild their lives and preventing the exploitation of vulnerable men, women, and children around the world.

What is a direct services non-profit/organization?

These non-profit or charitable organizations are those whose efforts go directly to helping the victims of human trafficking. This could mean providing educational tools to help end trafficking, rehabilitation and/or aftercare, removing children from traffickers, providing sustainable employment for families at risk, and more.

How does Mission 14 select a charitable partner?

Mission 14’s board and staff rigorously investigate potential national and international partners. We look for highly innovative organizations employing best-in-class processes and practices in the fight against human trafficking. Transparency, financial excellence, and measurable success are key factors. If you’re a registered charity and want to learn more, email us at

What is the relationship between Mission 14 and the 6 Summits Challenge?

Mission 14 is first and foremost a charity. We raise money to distribute to our non-profit partners and engage with other difference makers in an effort to combat the trafficking of children around the world. In order to combat such a huge issue, we believe something big must be done to fight it. That is why we are launching the 2015 expedition 6 Summits Challenge.

Big events unlock resources and build audiences in arenas where traditional charities don’t have access. We see our model as an innovative and unique way to do our part to make the world a better place.

Do you work directly with trafficking survivors?

No. We have positioned ourselves as a resource and awareness engine so that those non-profit experts already established in assisting survivors have a voice that can be properly heard. Instead of reinventing the hard work those non-profits achieve, we are providing the tools that free up the funds to go towards helping victims and survivors of human trafficking. Like any good source of funding, we have a robust system of reporting in place so that there is total transparency around how our funds are being used and how successful we are together.

Are you currently giving financially to your partner organizations?

Yes. Since the summer of 2013, we have given funds to directly support our foundational non-profit partners, ORPHANetwork and Araminta. We donate significant resources on a consistent monthly basis, and go above and beyond to give one-time gifts to support projects or programs we care about. For example, we recently funded a dynamic character-building summer camp for at-risk youth in Baltimore City.

Our charitable giving before Mission14 officially launched goes back to the summer of 2011 when we started a small community sewing project in a sanitation fill in Nicaragua. Now, single mothers there have sustainable incomes that support their families, giving them the freedom to send their children to school instead of work.

Can we donate to you?

Yes! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit so everything you donate is tax deductible. Furthermore, because of our corporate sponsors and innovative fundraising model, we guarantee that all individual donations will directly fund our charitable partners. Click here to donate to Mission 14.

Why should we donate to you, when we could donate directly to one of the charities you support?

You should donate directly to all of the charities we support. One of our goals is to raise awareness of the trafficking of children and the organizations that are doing great work to combat it. We consider it a success if we have led you to donate to our partners. When you donate to Mission 14 your funds are dispersed among a larger number of organizations increasing their effectiveness. This is how we are able to support ongoing projects and establish grants and scholarships for organizations.

Where does my money go if I donate to Mission 14?

All individual donations go to funding our charitable partners. You can be absolutely confident when you donate to us that your funds will go to what our partners consider the greatest project, initiative, or need in their fight against human trafficking.

The 6 Summits Challenge is supported fully through the generosity of our corporate partners.

Aren’t all expeditions that shroud themselves in charity "fake?"

Absolutely not. We are not the first, nor will we be the last charity to climb mountains to make a difference in the world. Just as golfers host charity golf tournaments, and runners often run for a cause, we believe that mountaineers can do the same. There is a long and deep history of athletes—from beginners to professionals in every sport—doing what they love on behalf of a cause, and we strongly applaud their efforts. It is time to get off the sidelines and make a difference in the world. If this expedition can raise everyone’s awareness of the horrors of human trafficking and save lives, it’s worth doing. Mission 14 wants to see human trafficking end, and we’re climbing mountains to help in that fight. It is never too late or too hard to stand up and fight for what is right.